As head of Netwerk24’s multimedia division, I’m always on the lookout for more engaging ways to tell visual stories to digital audiences. Imagine my delight when Code for South Africa director, Adi Eyal, arrived at Codebridge, where I’m attending the Code for South Africa Data-Driven Journalism Academy, with four brand new 360° cameras.

VIDEO: Mini stampede – in 360°

So, in tenuous solidarity with the bull running taking place in Spain this month, I headed out to a wine farm between Stellenbosch and Khayelitsha to witness Runner Ducks at full tilt – and ‘shoot’ them in 360°.

While Vergenoegd’s Duck Parade is no Pamplona, the video above shows that if you’re small enough – say the size of the Ricoh Theta 360° camera, the flightless birds, used as pest control in the vineyards (they eat snails), are quite formidable if you block their path.

Here’s a more conventional video about Vergenoegd’s ‘worker ducks’: