We challenge you to re-imagine storytelling

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours? Do you know of a community who has a gap that needs to be filled or problem solved? What are some of the issues that matter the most to you? The way we tell stories has changed: today, journalism goes beyond just reporting issues of social justice to actively trying to solve them. This is what Re-Imagine Storytelling is all about. It brings together elements of data, tech, journalism and activism.

Codebridge challenges journalists, developers, students, activists, economists – pretty much anyone who wants to tell a story – to submit your innovative project idea and potentially change South Africa with a story. Your idea will be a project in storytelling, activism and community engagement. This a collaborative project and teams of two or more will be eligible for entry.

We are looking for disruptive and effective ideas for improving the way that local social issues are dealt with. You can create an app, build a tool, create a campaign or invent something that no one has ever thought of, so long as it tells a story.

Teams will compete for a cash prize of R20,000 and all projects are guaranteed a small budget to work with, Codebridge resources, a cool space where you can plot, plan and create, as well as media coverage.

You can RSVP to our Storytelling Challenge launch in Cape Town (Thursday, September 1) and in Durban (Tuesday, September 6).

Can’t attend the launch? Don’t worry, you can still take part in the challenge. Online applications will open on 1 September. Watch our website and social media pages (Twitter and Facebook) for a link to the application form.