Author: Roxanne Joseph


We challenge you to re-imagine storytelling Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours? Do you know of a community who has a gap that needs to be filled or problem solved? What are some of the issues that matter the most to you? The way we tell stories has changed: today, journalism goes beyond just reporting issues of social justice to actively trying to solve them. This is what Re-Imagine Storytelling is all about. It brings together elements of data, tech, journalism and activism. Codebridge challenges journalists, developers, students, activists, economists – pretty much anyone who wants to tell...

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The ‘double agents’ of the local government elections

Muzonjani Zulu is so determined to change South Africa and to free it from what he describes is a government of non-intellectuals incapable of running the country, that he decided to contest the local government elections.Zulu is one of thousands of “double-agents” – candidates running for multiple wards and/or multiple parties – who stand to get more seats on the council by getting more votes. But what sets Zulu apart from the other ‘double agents” is that he is running for 108 of 110 wards in the eThekwini Local Municipality – more wards than any other candidate in the...

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Dying to be elected: mapping politically-motivated killings

Politically-motivated killings in the run-up to the August 3 local government elections have mushroomed, country-wide. Our map of these killings is free-to-use (see embed code and link under the map).   Embed: <iframe src=”” frameborder=”0″ width=”100%” height=”800″></iframe> Link:...

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